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1) To have a clean/sleek, and user-friendly website

2) Custom web development with full copyrighted to Everglades

3) LinkedIn Pages/Bio creation for the Senior Managers

4) Company Logo/ Brand Establishment on social media

5) Email Template Creation

6) Professional Content Writing

7) Inquiry set up to WhatsApp

8) Social Media pages set up

9) Most Secured Hosting Set up



1) Created Custom Designs that are easy to navigate  with clean UI/UX, keeping in mind the users are in the age category of  35+

2) Custom CMS development using the latest code practices using tech stack PHP laravell.

3) Created a Professional Linkedin Bio for senior management and started growing their network manually through relevant messaging.

4) Created HD logo for social networks and collateral setup.

5) Informative/Newsletter oriented email templates created

6) Industry research and professional content writing for the website.

7) Whatsapp connectivity plugin to the website for quick inquiry response.

8) Social Media pages created with an overview of the company on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

9) Website set up on AWS server with high-security conditions

10) Continuous SEO Service for better visibility


  1. With an updated website and attractive UI, many customers started making reconnecting with the brand as a result of the feedback drive email campaign
  2. 20% of leads drove by the email marketing
  3. 15% inquiry cluster came from WhatsApp
  4. 20% of prospects filled out the inquiry form on the website, and by making connections with them brand can make a few good deals
  5. Continuous SEO has increased visibility in the USA, and marketing got more calls despite of lockdown situation
  6. Total lead bank from Social Media and SEO increased by 45%
  7. ROI generated  50% higher than actual social media investment.
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