B2B Appointment Setting

Our B2B appointment-setting program ensures that more people reach each stage of your sales cycle and creates a predictable sales pipeline. We act as an outsourced service provider for your sales pipeline, causing a regular flow of new monthly sales meetings and enabling you to make precise sales projections. For less than one full-time employee would cost your company, our team concentrates on the crucial initial stages of your sales program: database building, prospect discovery, qualifying, lead nurturing, and developing face-to-face sales appointments.

Digital Marketing Services

Do you want to attract the perfect customer for your business without confirming your data, introducing your company, or nurturing your leads? It would be best if you had Abstrakt’s Pipeline Inbound Lead Generation Solution. We guide leads straight to you using website design and development, strategic search engine optimization (SEO), unparalleled content marketing services, and professional social media marketing. Once those leads land on your website or social media page, our eye-catching designs and captivating content keep them engaged until they’re ready to send in their information. And just like that—you’re in contact with a qualified lead ready to set an appointment.

Video Productions

At MaMo Tech+, we believe that great video content shouldn’t have to cost a fortune. We also believe that companies need professionally produced videos to support sales efforts, boost client retention, and showcase company culture. That’s why we’ve developed a solution. We’re a professional video production company offering budget-friendly video services that help you accomplish your goals, and we’re ready to tell your story.

Marketing Collateral

At MaMo Tech+, we know a thing or two about marketing collateral. We see the impact it can have on your business. We know it’s critical to business growth and sales success. That’s why we have a team of creative professionals who develop marketing assets that impact your business.

With the MaMo Tech+ Pipeline Marketing Collateral solution, you’ll receive monthly valuable marketing materials that align with your branding and marketing strategy. Professional graphic designers and copywriters design these marketing materials, so you receive the highest-quality sales assets to deliver to your prospective customers. With a wide variety of collateral options, you can customize your package and choose what will be the most beneficial for your business.

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