The Success Story

Real Estate


The brand was already a popular brand owing to its great architectural ideas and spacious project schemes. Brand could nurture good leads through positive word of mouth. Revenue suddenly saw a huge hit back post covid in absence of good branding and social media presence.

  1. To have clean/sleek, and user-friendly websites for some of its sites and ready sample houses.
  2. Custom web development with full copyrighted to brand.
  3. Social Media Advertising
  4. Daily Post Infographics Creation
  5. Buzz Creation through keyword research 
  6. Facebook/ Instagram and Pinterest pages creation 
  7. Daily Post Content 
  8. Ad broadcast through WhatsApp and social media groups
  9. Hashtag Management
  10. Google Ad Management 
  11. PPC Management 
  12. Organic Ad posting 
  13. SEO 
  14. Target/Retarget Marketing 
  15. Email Marketing 
  16. Polls for improving the reach and housing facilities
Apartments (Real Estate)
Buildings (Real Estate)

MaMo Technolabs Solution

  1. Created user-friendly and attractive website designs focused on various genres
  2. Custom CMS development using WordPress technology where customers can easily add offers/promotions from the backend.
  3. Secure hosting support
  4. Created catchy infographics with offers based on geography and audience types and affordability.
  5. Creative Content Creation targetting buzz keywords to enhance engagement
  6. Lead Generation Template set up for gathering data of prospects. 
  7. Created daily posts and published them on Facebook/Instagram
  8. Did Comment Section Management
  9. Designed Relevant Hashtags to resonate with audience based on budget selection.
  10. Women Centric Promotions and collateral management to resonate with Ladies
  11. Interactive Video Creations
  12. Run successful paid ad campaigns on various social media channels
  13. Run Google ad campaigns targeting accurate geographies

The Brand social media following increased by 50% within six months.

Phone inquiries increased by 30%.

The brand awareness increased, and they received positive reviews and mentions on social media platforms.

ROI generated 200% higher than the digital marketing budget invested.

Brand received significant recognition from all generations of people

Creativity of the brand got reconized in the city

Networking events success went up by 20%


By leveraging social media, The Brand was able to increase its visibility, attract more customers, and generate buzz around its brand.

If you are into real estate and want to grow your brand organically and with minimum budget then we are the best agency for you.

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